How do I order a curbside produce or dairy box?

    Will I get a confirmation email for my order?

    • You will receive a PayPal receipt when your payment has been completed. If you receive this, the order is confirmed on our end, too. Our Keany website is working hard to get confirmation emails to your inboxes, some of you may receive it, but others might get lost in your junk or spam folder!
    What do I do when I get to my pickup location?
    • Please stay inside your vehicle so we can practice safe social distancing. Our team will ask for your name, confirm your order, and place the boxes in your trunk. If you wish to put the boxes in your vehicle, please tell our team and we will leave the box next to your car. If you are not comfortable rolling down your window, please have a piece of paper on the dashboard with your name.
    Can my son/granddaughter/friend/coworker/neighbor/etc. pick up the order for me?
    • Absolutely! As long as they provide the name associated with the order, we will be able to provide your boxes to whomever comes to pick it up.
    Can I add on a dozen limes/box of oranges/etc. to my order?
    • At this time, we cannot add on any customized orders to your boxes. If you want to order in bulk, please call 301.772.3333 to place a will-call order for pickup at either our Landover or Richmond warehouse.
    Can I swap the bananas/carrots/etc. for _____?
    • At this time, we cannot customize or change any specific ingredients in the boxes. Each box does change slightly each week, so check back on our website for new additions! keanyproduce.com/curbside
    Are the boxes organic items?
    • We just launched an all-organic box that includes a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, and milk.
    Can I recycle the box? Can I bring back the box to be reused?
      • As much as we wish we could be as sustainable as possible during this time, we cannot accept back any boxes due to food safety issues. Please reuse your box however you wish, or recycle it with your regular local recycle pickup.
      Can I change my pickup location, date, time?
      • Our cutoff time for order changes is 6 am the day prior to your pickup. If you are requesting a change before the cutoff, please send an email to produceforall@keanyproduce.com and a representative will get back to you. (For instance, your pickup date is Tuesday, contact us by Monday at 6 am for any changes.) If this is after the cutoff time, we cannot make any changes to your order.
      I forgot my pickup location, date, time, what should I do?

        I forgot to/i missed my pickup, what can I do? 


        The products sold by Keany are perishable items. Accordingly, Keany will not reschedule your pickup if you miss your pickup date for any reason. You may pick up your missed order within 48 hours after your scheduled pickup time at the closer of the two Keany warehouses: either in Landover, MD (3310 75th Avenue) or Richmond, VA (3000 Transport St.). If you do not pick up your order within the 48 hours (available 8 am-2:30 pm), your order will be donated and no refund or credit will be provided. All sales are final at point of sale.

        My question is not answered in this, what do I do?

        • Your original email will be responded to as soon as possible.