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Clyde's & Keany: 

In 1985, Clyde's Restaurant Group began seeking out local farmers throughout Maryland and Virginia that would sell fruits and vegetables directly to the small but growing local restaurant group. An industry leader since the early '60s, Clyde's had established a reputation for quality and innovation.

Around the same time, Keany Produce, a distribution company formed by four brothers from Alexandria, Virginia, began supplying local restaurants and hotels. Although still in its infancy, the small family business was quickly emerging as a leader amongst the crowded field of distributors.

With a shared vision, the homegrown local companies began a relationship that would span for decades. Over the years, as both companies continued to grow, Keany expanded Clyde's local produce initiative by introducing more and more local farmers to growing area's restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Today, both companies continue to embrace a "commitment to better."   

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